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Hybrid Cooling of Multijunction Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells

World is currently in energy crisis and it is very important to find new methods to create energy or utilize the available energy resources to their upmost potential. Solar energy is a renewable and a clean source of energy. The multi junction photovoltaic solar cells are cells that contain more than one PN junctions in them. They can be used similar to the conventional single junction solar cell and also they provide a higher efficiency (4-5 times) as compared to the single junction solar cells. To increase the output of the cell, sunlight is concentrated on its surface. However, that leads to heating issues which decrease the cell’s efficiency and danger of possible damage of the cell. So, a cooling system is designed so that the cell can work more effectively and safely. The cooling system helps in maintaining the temperature within the operating limit. By maintaining the temperature of the cell within the operating limits, cell’s life is increased. The cooling system developed is a hybrid one combining the use of both active cooling system and passive cooling system. The temperature of the cell is detected by an infrared thermometer and kept below the maximum operating temperature of the cell with the help of a hybrid cooling systems. Keywords - Solar cell, Hybrid cooling system, Active and Passive cooling system, Concentrated Photo-Voltaics(CPV).