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Effect of SN Addition on Mechanical Properties of As21 Magnesium Alloys

In this study, the effect of Sn addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of AS21 magnesium alloys. Sn additions were made by 1 and 2 wt%. Alloys were produced by conventional gravity casting. A pressure of 2 bar applied into the crucible and the melt was lifted into a steel mould preheated to 250 °C. Results showed that AS21 alloy consisted of -Mg grains and Chinese script type Mg2Si intermetallic phases. With increasing amount of Sn, -Mg grains and Mg2Si intermetallic phases were refined and the distribution of Mg2Si phase became more discrete and dense. AS21+1Sn alloy showed the best mechanical properties alloys with a yield strength of 118.9 MPa, an ultimate tensile strength of 203.2 MPa and an elongation of 7.2. The improvements in the strength and elongation were attributed to the refinement of -Mg grains and Mg2Si intermetallic phases. Index Terms- AS21 magnesium alloy, Sn modification, microstructure, mechanical properties