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The Biology of Micraspis Discolor and Study of Its Predation Efficiency on Black Aphid

Biology of Micraspis discolor was studied under laboratory condition (26±2ºC, 65±3% RH) at Department of Biotechnology, Mandalay Technological University. It has been found that incubation period and total larvae period were 4.6±0.7 days and 8.5±0.5 days. The larvae passed through four instars within 8 to 9 days. The female and male longevity were 44.6±4.0 and 34.8±4.6. Moreover, predatory potential of Micraspis discolor was studied on black aphids. The result indicated that predation rate of 1st instar grub was 37.5±4.6 and 4th instar grub was 51.7±9.8. The male predation rate (51.1±16.1) and female predation rate (57.8±16.4) were observed under the same conditions. This result concluded that the females of M.discolor were higher than the males in longevity and predation rate. Keywords— Biology, predatory potential, Micraspis discolour, black aphid, longevity, instar grub