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Influence of Baffle Turbulators on Heat Transfer Intensification in a Backward Facing Step

This paper summaries a computational study on heat transfer intensification in a back ward facing step by using triangular baffles turbulators. The baffles are mounted in staggered manner with orientation perpendicular to main stream flow. The height of baffles to inlet width of facing step is varied from 0.125 to 0.5 for 104≤Re≤105 while a constant heat flux is imposed on the lower step wall. The governing turbulent flow equations and energy are distributed on a suitable computational mesh by using finite volume method. The motivated turbulence in the flow is modeled by k-ε model. The predicted results show that the thermal intensification factor is increased by increasing relative baffles height and Reynolds number while the trend of performance factor is to be decreased as increasing Reynolds number. Keywords- Heat transfer intensification; insert baffles; backward facing step; forward facing step