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A Comparative Study of the Performance of Self-Compacting Concrete using Glass Fibres

Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a high-performance concrete that is able to flow under its own weight, completely filling the formwork without any segregation or bleeding and consolidating without the need of vibration. SCC has a good surface finish, construction time is reduced and its production is environmental friendly (no noise, no vibration). The objective of the current study is to investigate and compare the influence of glass fibres on fresh and hardened properties of self-compacting concrete. For this purpose three mixes; control mix, SCC with viscosity modifying admixtures (VMA) only, SCC with VMA and glass fibres; were prepared with a water-powder ratio of 0.35. Experiments revealed that after the addition of fibres, fresh properties of SCC (i.e. flow-ability, passing ability and resistance to segregation) were reduced but the properties were still in the prescribed range. Hardened properties (i.e. compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength and modulus of elasticity) were improved after the addition of fibres. Keywords - Self Compacting Concrete, Glass Fibres