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Study on Mechanical Properties of Hot-Rolled Titanium/ Stainless Steel Clad Structures

This study aims to investigate mechanical properties, including shear bonding strength, internal friction, dynamic elastic modulus of taitanium/ stainless steel (SUS316) clad structures bonded by hot rolling. Microstructures and chemical compositions are investigated using electric microscopes. Hot rolling temperature ranges from 900 to 1050 oC. The experiment demonstarated the following ressults. Different microstructures and bonding strength are obtained at each hot rolling temperature. At Ti/ SUS316 interfaces, Ti/ Fe intermetallics exist with some oxides from the electric microscope examinations. The thickness of interface layers increases with inctreaing hot rolling temperatures. These interface structures highly affect the bonding strength. The maximum bonding strength is obtained for the samples hot-rolled at 950 oC. From the fracture surface examinations, some brittle fracture occurs at the interface in some samples. Some Ti remains on fracture surfaces of SUS316 layers in samples hot-rolled at 1000, 1025 and 1050 oC . For internal frictions and dynamic elastic modulus, the samples hot-rolled at 925 and 950oC show high internal frictions and there is not much deference among all the samples in dynamic elastic modulus. Keywords- Clad structures, Hot-rolling, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Bonding Strength, Internal friction.