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Development of Power Tiller Fitted with Water Pump, Cultivator and Adjustable Tillage

Author :P. Chandu, S. Vamshi, Ch. Vikesh, S. Pochaiah, Prabhat Kumar

Article Citation :P. Chandu ,S. Vamshi ,Ch. Vikesh ,S. Pochaiah ,Prabhat Kumar , (2019 ) " Development of Power Tiller Fitted with Water Pump, Cultivator and Adjustable Tillage " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 13-16, Volume-7,Issue-7

Abstract : Power tiller has been introduced in the country from the 1960s; the novelty of agriculture is unavoidable to have the food need of the increasing population and quick industrialization. A power tiller is a mechanized agricultural implement popularly used to save time, human efforts and fuel in preparation of soil bed. Generally, the machines are used for the farming purpose in India which is of higher level. All machines were used in farms are costlier and not affordable to farmers, hence to overcome this problem we made this machine. This machine is not only used to do the tillage but also we can be used cultivator of different depth of cut(2-11 inches) for tillage and also to pump the water out from the well to irrigate the land .We have conducted experiment on the farms. In this machine, power tiller is maintenance free, capacity 4HP, light weight power tiller has been produced. We achieved our main aim by using the various components say Engine, plough, wheel, handle, and drives. On the view of the development of power tiller we attached water pump, accelerator and reducing of vibration by means of vibration isolation. This modern technology we introduced, plough moved in forward and base wheel moved rotating with blades having traction effect and water pump will be used whenever the power lost .This machine is useful for agricultural industry especially developing countries. Keywords - Cultivator with Adjustable Tillage, Water Pump, Vibration Isolation

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-7,Issue-7


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| Published on 2019-09-11
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