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Paper Title :
Impact of Integration of Industrial Wastes on Microstructural Properties of Geopolymer Composites - A Review

Author :Salmabanu Luhar, Ta-Wui Cheng

Article Citation :Salmabanu Luhar ,Ta-Wui Cheng , (2020 ) " Impact of Integration of Industrial Wastes on Microstructural Properties of Geopolymer Composites - A Review " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 1-6, Volume-8,Issue-2

Abstract : Hitherto, a rocket pace developments are being experienced by the modern construction and infrastructure industries on account of the mushrooming escalation in world populations. This is the core reason for swift urbanization to accommodate them with essential infrastructures to live. That’s why, the exigency for concrete as a vital building material has also gone through the roof, which in turn accelerated the demand of its key binder Ordinary Portland cement [OPC]. Disappointingly, the modern-day course of action of OPC-production is not merely exceedingly energy exhaustive but also get linked to emissions of harmful primary Green House Gas [GHG], CO2 - Carbon Dioxide, answerable to earth heating as well as global climatic alterations altogether shepherding to the gargantuan impasse of global warming along with pollution of environments. Quite recently, an innovative Geopolymer technology is grabbing the attention of engineers and researchers of concrete technology field like anything. This novel ground-breaking construction technology is not merely user and eco-benign but also affordable and cost-effective with outstanding attributes of resultant composites against acids, chemicals, heat, fire and severe freeze-thaw conditions of environments. The process of Geopolymerization through which new-fangled inorganic building materials with almost nine-fold low carbon marks and six times lower energy can be produced. It is just analogous to geo-synthesis of natural rocks. On the top of that, the profuse diverse wastes volumes have universally created a gigantic dilemma of land fillings, contamination of environment, soils and waters along with accompanying health hazards have twisted the arms of researchers for their systematic, safe and responsible disposal. Succinctly, the present assessment of previously carried out research works institutes the practicability of introducing dissimilar copious industrial wastes for manufacturing geopolymer composites like geopolymer concrete. Moreover, the review of the outline of the influences of incorporation of industrial kind of wastes on the microstructural characteristics of geopolymeric building composites has been made systematically in order to comprehend them thoroughly in this regard not only for getting a solution of systematic disposal of the industrial wastes but also for establishing them as innovative, promising, eco-benevolent, durable, sustainable and cost-effective construction materials for future. Keywords - Ordinary Portland cement [OPC]; Green House Gas [GHG]; Geopolymer technology; Geopolymerization; Geopolymer [GP]; Fly ash [FA]; Supplementary Cementitious Material [SCM]; Metakaolin [MK]; Alkali-Silica Reaction [ASR];

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-8,Issue-2


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| Published on 2020-04-17
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