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Paper Title :
Effect Of Process Parameters On Surface Roughness Of Tool Steel M2 Deposit Over Low Carbon Steel Produced By Friction Surfacing

Author :V.Pitchi Raju, M.Manzoor Hussain, D.Govardhan

Article Citation :V.Pitchi Raju ,M.Manzoor Hussain ,D.Govardhan , (2015 ) " Effect Of Process Parameters On Surface Roughness Of Tool Steel M2 Deposit Over Low Carbon Steel Produced By Friction Surfacing " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 71-74, Volume-3,Issue-9

Abstract : Friction surfacing is an advanced manufacturing process for depositing many materials to improve performance of underlying metallic surfaces and extend the life of components. This process is most suitable for getting some special properties for the surfaced deposits. Raw material costs can be decreased by using expensive material only where necessary and replacing the rest with low–cost materials. This process is easily controllable, repeatable, reliable, and is a simple machine tool technology which is having similar benefits like other solid phase welding processes. Heat affected zone is less and hence post weld treatment is not normally required to relieve internal stresses. Bond strength is very good and these deposits are expected to serve better during service life. This paper is concerned with coating of AISI M2 tool steel on low carbon steel by using 23 factorial designs with 3 factors at two levels each of total eight treatment combinations. The present work focus on the effect of process parameters on surface roughness of AISI M2 tool steel coating on low carbon steel by using friction surfacing process. Calculation of Surface roughness is essential which will decide additional surface operations required or not before using it. The regression equation determined based on the 23 factorial designs and ANOVA table is constructed to test the significance of the parameters. The results shows that surface roughness is directly proportional to friction pressure, welding speed and combined effect of friction pressure and welding speed and inversely proportional to combined effect of rotational speed of mechtrode and welding speed. It is also concluded that the value of surface roughness is not the same for all treatment combinations and it primarily depends on the process parameters used. Keywords- Friction Surfacing, Coating, Tool Steel, Surface Roughness, Process Parameters.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-3,Issue-9


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| Published on 2015-09-03
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