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Volume-12,Issue-2  ( Feb, 2024 )
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  1. Volume-12,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2024 )
  2. Volume-11,Issue-12  ( Dec, 2023 )
  3. Volume-11,Issue-11  ( Nov, 2023 )
  4. Volume-11,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2023 )
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Statistics report
Jun. 2024
Submitted Papers : 80
Accepted Papers : 10
Rejected Papers : 70
Acc. Perc : 12%
Issue Published : 131
Paper Published : 2390
No. of Authors : 6806
  Editorial Board

Editor-in Chief


Dept. of Mechanical. Engineering
Ph.D (Aeroelasticity) NAL.  Bangalore 
M. Tech. (Design) I.I.T. KANPUR
Email: rasavanur(at)  or [email protected] or [email protected]


Dr. Sutthathip Kamthornphiphatthanakul
Mechanical and Energy Engineering Consultant,
School of Energy,
Environment and Materials
King Mongkut's University of Technology,
Thonburi, Thailand.

Associate Editor

Harsha Vardhan U
Assistant Professor
Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering
City Engineering College
Bangalore, India

Editorial Board Members

Dr. Siamak Hoseinzadeh
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
Research Area: Renewable Energy, Energy-Efficiency, Green and Solar Energy, Exergy, Power Plant, Smart Material and Devises, Nano Technology, Thin Films, Optoelectronic, Corrosion, Heat Transfer, Thermal Eng., Fluid Mech., Thermodynamic, CFD, PCM, FSI
Email: Hosseinzadeh.siamak(at) 

Formal head of Mechanical Engineering Department
Formal Vice Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan
E-mail: drdabbas(at)
Research Area: Mechanical Engineering Design,  Properties of Engineering Materials, Mechanical systems in buildings for Architects, Design of Sanitary Systems,Applied Mechanics,Welding Technology and Machine Components, Strength of Material Machine shop Technology, Technical Drawing & AUTO CAD 2D, 3D, Gears & Thread Designing and Applications, CNC Machines , Automatic System of Industrial Management

Reviewer Board Members

Prof. Amit Rakshit
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering;
Kanad Institute of Engineering and Management, Mankar Purba Bardhaman
Research Area: Applied Mechanics, Industrial Engineering, Operational Research, Production Planning and Control, Reliability Engineering
Email: amitrakshit1990(at)

Prof. (Dr.) U. C. Jha
School of Mechanical Engg.,LPU
Ex. Director - CII Technology Centre & Ex. Principal - LNCT Indore
M.Tech (IIT), Ph.D (NIT),
Research Area: Total Quality Management,  ISO 9000,  Supply Chain Management, Optimization, Productivity Improvement, Industrial Engineering. 
Email: udai.22511(at) 

Dr. Mohan Nanjangud S.
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, 
Manipal Institute of Technology (A constituent institute of MAHE)
Research Area: Research Interests: Composites, Material Manufacture, Machining and Processing,
Recycled materials, Renewable energy systems.
Email: ns.mohan(at)

Assoc. Prof., Dr. Eriki Ananda kumar 
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology,
Nilai University, Nilai, Malaysia

Editorial Staff

Mr. A. Dash
Managing Editor, IJMPE
Member IEEE
Member of British Science Association, United Kingdom
Member of the Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications 
Mail: [email protected]/[email protected]
Mob/Whatsapp: +91-9040435740




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