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Mechanical Behavior and Dry Sliding Wear Response of Al-Si-SiC Particulate Composite

Author :Pavan Kumar, Sanjay Soni, R. S. Rana, Alok Singh

Article Citation :Pavan Kumar ,Sanjay Soni ,R. S. Rana ,Alok Singh , (2014 ) " Mechanical Behavior and Dry Sliding Wear Response of Al-Si-SiC Particulate Composite " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 11-19, Volume-2,Issue-10

Abstract : In the present investigation, an attempt has been made to study the mechanical behavior and sliding wear response of Al-Si alloy and Al-Si-SiC particulate composite developed by reinforcing 10 wt% and 15 wt% SiC particles of size 2µm in the Al matrix. Mechanical properties such as Tensile strength, Compressive strength, Impact strength, Hardness and Wear resistance of the composites were compared with the matrix alloy. The wear tests were conducted as a function of applied pressure and sliding distance. The response parameters such as wear rate, temperature rise, wear coefficient, seizure pressure, seizure temperature & COF were measured during the test. Microstructural examination of the alloy and the composite was carried out paying special emphasis to the distribution of SiC particle in Al matrix and interface bonding between SiC and Al matrix. Wear surface study was done in order to understand the mechanism of material removal during sliding wear. Fracture surface study was also done to see the mechanism of fracture occurring in the tensile test. Reinforcement of SiC particles into the matrix alloy was done by following Stir Casting technique. Specimens for specific tests were prepared as per international standards and fabricated by machining of the casted cylindrical fingers, ejected from the casting mould. Results show a large improvement in mechanical properties and wear resistance of the Al-Si-SiC particulate composite with 10wt% reinforcement. On further increase of reinforcement the properties tends to decrease due to high brittleness. The microstructural study of the alloy shows aluminum dendrites with dendretic arm spacing in the range of 25 microns. The eutectic silicon solidifies in the inter-dendretic region and around the dendrites. The microstructure of composite shows uniform distribution of SiC particles with good interface bonding. The tensile fracture study shows inter- granular fracture and SiC particle embedded on the surface. By careful observation of fracture surface it is depicted that particle decohesion and fracture both are occurring simultaneously in tensile fracture. Results concluded above can be useful for the industrial applications like aerospace, automobile and marine where mechanical and tribological properties of materials is an important concern.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-2,Issue-10


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| Published on 2014-10-01
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