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Paper Title :
The Relationship between Product Innovation and Sustainable Supply Chain: A Case Study

Author :Seyedehfatemeh Golrizgashti, Shahnaz Piroozfar, Mohammad Shahbazi

Article Citation :Seyedehfatemeh Golrizgashti ,Shahnaz Piroozfar ,Mohammad Shahbazi , (2019 ) " The Relationship between Product Innovation and Sustainable Supply Chain: A Case Study " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 24-27, Volume-7,Issue-1

Abstract : In recent years with the globalization of the economy, industrial development has given way to a sustainable development and in between sustainable supply chain management has been proposed as the key to success of organization. Very rapid changes in public needs and the need to create changes in products and processes, has created conditions that innovation as one of the most important factors is organizational competitiveness. According to importance of issue, this study is conducted to evaluate the impact of product innovation on sustainable supply chain factors. According to studies for sustainable supply chain four dimensions of environmental, economic, social and operational detected. Also for innovation in six different dimensions include pioneering product in the market, the introduction of innovative products, flexibility in the face of market demand, new product ideas, new products, and continuous improvement in the quality of the products have been considered. 250 questionnaires have been distributed randomly among employees in studied company. As well as data analysis has been done by using statistical software SPSS 18 and LISREL 8.8. To assess the overall relationship between product innovation and sustainable supply chain a structural equation model is used. According to the result product innovation has a positive and significant impact on sustainable supply chain.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-7,Issue-1


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| Published on 2019-04-17
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