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Paper Title :
Wearable Shirt For Charging Mobile By Human Body Heat & Solar Power

Author :Prashantha.K, Sushmitha Holla.M

Article Citation :Prashantha.K ,Sushmitha Holla.M , (2016 ) " Wearable Shirt For Charging Mobile By Human Body Heat & Solar Power " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 60-65, Special Issue 2016

Abstract : The following research considering proper usage of unused energy generated by humans in the form of heat and solar cells by making wearable shirt was designed and manufactured for charging the electronic devices such as mobile phone,laptop,etc. Integration of flexible solar cells and TEG into clothing can provide power for portable electronic devices. Photovoltaic is the most advanced way of providing electricity far from any mains supply, although it suffers from the limits of ambient light intensity. Alternatively human body heat is integrated for better outcomes, .The solar & TEG circuit consist of solar panel and thermoelectric generator; composed of two sources attached. Solar energy directly from sun radiation into electricity and TEG generate electricity from temperature difference. We introduced clothing-integrated photovoltaic and TEG their scope and limitations, the status of flexible solar Cells and TEG, charge controller and system design, as well as prototype solutions for various applications. The ability to harvest energy from the environment represents an important technology area that promises to eliminate wires and battery maintenance for many important applications and permits deploying self powered devices. This project paper suggests the use of a solar energy and body heat harvester to charge mobile phone devices proves its efficiency to charge the aimed batteries under sunlight and body heat separately. The wires and other accessories were attached inside the shirt, charging pins were placed inside the pockets of shirt. The designed shirt not only serves the purpose of wearing but also charges the electronic devices. It is cheap, easy to detach, washable and gives comfort to wearer Keywords- TEG,Solar panel,Harvester, Shirt

Type : Research paper

Published : Special Issue 2016


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| Published on 2016-09-27
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