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Paper Title :
A Simulation Study of Advanced Cooling Strategies to Optimize Part Quality

Author :Pankaj G. Dhoble, Ravindra R. Deshmukh, Oliveira,Msa, Sudhir D. Deshmukh

Article Citation :Pankaj G. Dhoble ,Ravindra R. Deshmukh ,Oliveira ,Msa ,Sudhir D. Deshmukh , (2016 ) " A Simulation Study of Advanced Cooling Strategies to Optimize Part Quality " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 101-106, Volume-4,Issue-12

Abstract : In thermoplastic injection moulding process, the cooling strategies are one of the most essential aspects to take in to account, because it has significant influence on both production capacity and the quality of the plastic part. With increasingly demand of electrical products i.e. fittings, junction boxes and distribution equipment’s, injection moulding remains the most prevalent method for producing plastic parts. The main objective of this study was to determine an optimum and efficient strategy where conformal cooling channels are investigated to have both cooling time (Cool Analysis) and improve quality of the part (Warp Analysis) means of performing finite element analysis (FEA) and heat transfer analysis. Design of mould component was carried out using commercial CAD software Unigraphics Nx 8.0. For FEA commercial CAE software called Solidworks Plastics 2015 is used. The analysis show that the component with conformal cooling channels exhibited a more uniform surface temperature, significantly reduced cycle time and less warpage, when compared to a traditionally cooled mould design. Index Terms— Thermoplastics; Finite element analysis; Distribution equipments; Heat transfer analysis.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-4,Issue-12


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| Published on 2017-01-17
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